Hello, my name is Joshua Swanagon and I am an outdoor writer, photographer and occasional hard use gear model. Having had a passion for writing and photography from childhood, combined with my lifelong love of the outdoors, it only made sense that I would convert that to a professional career writing and photographing all things outdoors and edged. For me photography is an art and is a single point of connection between the product and end user. I feel that photography inspires a feeling and when done properly can catch the viewers’ attention and imagination. Once you have piqued interest with artful photography it is the writing that finishes drawing them through the tale.

Along with my writing and photography, I am also the Editor for Knives Illustrated Magazine. I try to make sure that my love for knives translates into the best product possible for my readers. My philosophy for editing is the same as my philosophy for writing my own articles – this is more than a job, this is a passion. My readers read my articles and read Knives Illustrated Magazine because they have a passion for the subject matter, for that reason I demand of myself that I match their passion in my writing. It is seldom that I will write an article on a knife or gear without using it as was intended. If I tell my readers that the product held up well and was comfortable, it is because I used it until I personally was convinced that this is a true statement. I demand this of myself in my writing and I try to inspire the same in my writers. It is always my goal to provide the best, most honest product possible for our readers.